Plannen voor ZoHo in 2014

In december last year, our programmers session was at Roodkapje and we took a look at the future of ZoHo. Students from the IHS/EUR presented their final projects and ideas about ZoHo: social, economic, and environmental challenges; stakeholder interests; conflicts and synergies; opportunities for new interventions. See more on our post.

That was Part 1.
Part 2 built from the students’ presentations: what is the future of the ZoHo? We had an interactive, brainstorming workshop session where we used the World Cafe method at Roodkapje. We wanted to get to the heart of ZoHo: where are we heading? What issues are the most important for this year? How can we make the area safer? Who are the best partners to come to ZoHo? … our programmers came with their most important issues.
Issue: How can we have safer programming in ZoHo?

This group brainstormed safety. They identified that more 24-hour functions — or at least more evening/night functions — would increase safety in the neighborhood. The group also said that student housing would add another element of safety. More eyes on the street = safer neighborhood.


Issue: What is the ZoHo Lab and what would you want to do there?

This group, spearheaded by Studio Bas Sala, wants to start the ZoHo Lab. A place where all types of artists, designers, students, professionals can mingle, network, experiment, learn, and create.


Issue: How do we create more of a ZoHo community and involve the residents?

This group explored ways to connect to the residents and local, long-standing entrepreneurs and businesses. They said it’s important to open up the plinths (ground floor), to host festivals, and to develop ideas with the residents. “Your neighbor might be the problem, but also is probably the solution.”

Issue: Can we climate-proof ZoHo in the next few years?

This group discussed the importance of climate change and how we can make ZoHo climate-proof. A topic of discussion among the group was: how is the quality of public space in ZoHo? Some people said it was terrible. Others said it was pretty good. Many agreed that there is too much pavement and not enough green space.

Stay tuned for the complete 2014 Programmers Agenda!

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