Programmers sessions: Agenda 2014


Making the ZoHoCommunity.
Why, where and how is it important to make a ZoHoCommunity?
Who are the stakeholders and what is being addressed?
What does the ZoHoCommunity contribute to ZoHo?

Join us to discuss the making of ZoHo !

Every 3e thursday of the month, we’ll have a ZoHo Programmers session.

Do you have an idea for a topic, place, tour, etc? Send your ideas to!

Donderdag  20 februari, Zomerhofstraat 71, from 17.00 -19.00

Donderdag  20 maart

Donderdag 17 april

Donderdag 15 mei

Donderdag 19 juni

Donderdag 17 juli

Donderdag 21 augustus

Donderdag 18 september

Donderdag 16 october

Donderdag 20 november

Donderdag 18 december