Ik ben ZoHo

This time around we had a very casual programmers meeting at Roodkapje where the IHS students–who have been studying ZoHo for a week now–presented their final ideas to the audience.

There were a wide variety of ideas with all 8 groups. One group presented the idea of ZoHo becoming the epicenter for the best international student accommodation. Another idea for monthly sustainability events. And yet another for a monthly ZoHo magazine (called “Ik ben ZoHo”).

20131211_1726142013-12-11 17.26.44 2013-12-11 17.27.27Afterwards we had a lively discussion about the “needs” and users of ZoHo. The difference between those who have been here for a while and those who are coming in. The students told us about their experiences with the long-standing locals (residents and businesses); most of them said that ZoHo is great and doesn’t need to change. But still–there is a lot of vacancy. If nothing needs to change, then maybe the more central question is: who are the best partners to come to ZoHo?

This will be one of the many questions on the agenda for the next meeting.

 The Future of Zoho…                                                                                                 Programmers meeting: 9 JANUARY, 2014                                                                          17-19.00@Stipo

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