ZoHo Walk-n-Talk

Last Thursday we had another great programmer’s meeting where about 25 of us programmers got together to give each other updates about the neighborhood and their organizations. There is a ton of activities going on! Kriterion opened their doors that evening, Route du Nord is making a return, the Water Square is making progress, several student groups are investigating the area for their projects, the Hostel continues to thrive, Roodkapje has a new exhibit, The HUB is looking for a new location in ZoHo, and a new pop-podium is moving into the Hofbogen on Vijverhofstraat.

For the walk portion of the evening, we got a sneak-peek at Kriterion in the yellow building only 2 hours before the opening. The group was busy making the final, last-minute preparations. After that, we got a  behind-the-scenes tour of BIRD, known to many as the best pop-podium in the city. Our guide, Philip, told us about the empty portion of the Minimall, next door, and how it’s been difficult to program that space. Maybe we need a brainstorming session?

2-foto 3-1 3-foto 2

Next we headed to the Water Square, in the Zadkine courtyard. Dirk from De Urbanisten gave us all the details of this über-sustainable square. He also shared with this video, which tells you all you need to know (and more!) about this unbelievable project.

5-foto 5

We ended our programme at Roodkapje, with Leon. The artist from the new exhibit, Florian Borstlap, lead us through his work for “The Entity of Zoom.” If you get a chance, stop in and check it out–and grab a bite to eat at the fantastic Magetronbar!