Programmers unite!

At our last ZoHo programmers meeting, we were in the middle of Route Du Nord. We all got together to share agendas, past and future plans for the neighborhood. This time, we had another great meeting. We met at Het Gele Gebouw for a quick update of the building, then we walked to the impressive Roffa Mon Amour film festival on the roof of the Hofbogen. We met with Charlotte Van Zanten, the organizer of the event. What an accomplishment! The festival layout was stunning. A photography exhibit, stadium seating, delicious quick eats, and a sweet view of the Rotterdam high-rises.

We then made our way to the Hostel de Mafkees, where Willemijn lead a tour of the hostel grounds, including the galleries and shops.  We also heard from Gallery Pepper, and about their collaborations with Mesh Print Club.  Great space.

Finally, we ended the tour at Roodkapje where we heard from Leon about the new exhibit, collaborations with Kriterion, and the future shows. The ladies from Kriterion also made an exciting announcement: Kriterion will be opening a bioscope in ZoHo! More information to come…

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